New Album Update And Tour News

OK, we’re here in New Jersey, playing a house concert tonight. Jetlag is the worst I’ve had in ages, which is probably due to flying with a toddler. 🙂

Both Lobelia and I managed to finish up our solo albums before we set off. Which is very exciting!

My new solo album is called ‘11 Reasons Why 3 Is Greater Than Everything‘, and will be out via bandcamp on May 18th, and via iTunes/Amazon etc. not long after that… That picture at the top of this post is the cover art, and there’ll be individual art for each track too, as well as extensive sleeve notes. And of course, I’ll blog some more info and thoughts on it here over the next few weeks. 

For now, I do have a pre-release link to the MP3s, for bloggers, journos, radio, TV people, town criers, people who hold golf signs – anyone who tells people about things that they think are fabulous for a living… Do drop me an email, with some details about what you do if I don’t already know you, and I’ll send the link to you ASAP.

Gig news:

As I said, we’re playing our first house concert in the US here in New Jersey tonight, then we have a coupla weeks of seeing friends and family before we play in the following places:


  • 18th – Toledo, OH
  • 19th – Chicago, IL
  • 20th – Milwaukee, WI
  • 22nd – Madison, WI

Then we’re probably playing in Nebraska and Nashville TN (plus poss of things in between) before the end of the month (details to follow) then onto:


  • 4th – Plano (Dallas) TX
  • …we’ll be in Austin here, if anyone wants to offer a show (if not, we’ll be visiting friends anyway!)
  • 10th – Lake Charles, LA
  • 11th – Lake Charles, LA
  • …space here for something fun in LA/GA/anywhere between Lake Charles & Atlanta…
  • 17th – Atlanta, GA
  • 18th – Atlanta Bass Gallery clinic, Atlanta, GA
  • …poss. another nashville show/clinic in here…
  • 21st/22nd – New Music Strategies online event in Nashville TN/Birmingham UK
  • 23rd – Asheville, NC
  • 24th – Wild Goose Festival, Shakori Hills, NC
  • 25/26 – VA/MD (details TBC)
  • …things between VA and NYC (possibly north of NYC too…)
  • fly home on 4th July

There are more shows to fit in, and if you’re near any of these places and want details or have ideas for other shows/clinics etc. please feel free to drop us a line, or leave a comment. We’ll see you on the road!

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