Brand New Track on a Compilation Album

Lobelia has been working really hard of late to put together an amazing compilation album, being sold to benefit a friend of ours who has Multiple Sclerosis and has had a couple of experimental surgeries, that thanks to the Canadian Govt not paying for such things, have cost her a lot of money.

Some remarkable musicians have given of the time and skills to be a part of this, including lots of names that’ll be familiar to you cos I’m a HUGE fan of them – Emily Baker, She Makes War, Kira Small, Peter Katz, Rob Szabo… remarkable musicians all.

The track of Lobelia’s also features Peter Katz on BVs, and me on bass – the bass part is recorded on my Rick Turner ‘amplicoustic’ bass, but I mic’d it up, really close to the neck to get a proper acoustic sound. It’s amazing. I also recorded, mixed, mastered and co-produced the track. Have a listen here, then please do buy the rest of the album below:

here’s the whole album:

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