How To Give Downloads For Christmas

For many of us, we are living in a post-CD world. I don’t mean we put CDs in envelopes and send them to eachother, I mean CDs are largely a thing of the past. Indeed, even if I was into CDs in a big way, a lot of my favourite music is no longer available in CD format.

However, we all know that music makes for a fantastic christmas present. We also know that sending someone an email attachment somewhat spoils the ‘opening a present’ on christmas day bit of getting a gift.

So, what to do? I have two suggestions:

1) Go and buy a funky looking USB stick, and fill it up with awesome choonz from Bandcamp. You can buy some of my stuff, some Miriam Jones, Neil Alexander, Ben Walker, Janek Gwizdala, Todd Johnson, Simon Little, She Makes War, Zoe Keating, Steven Guerrero… there are loads of possibilities (many more on my posterous internet stuffs blog) – download ‘em, pile ‘em onto the USB stick, write your own sleeve notes and stick a PDF of them onto the stick with it…

Version 2) is similar, only I do the work, and the stick is chock full of StevieTunes – if you want 18 albums worth of mine and Lobelia’s music, including a load of rare and unreleased stuff, plus a 45 minute live video and my novel… it’ll be £35 shipped to anywhere in the world. Better get in quick if you want it in time for Christmas. It’ll arrive on a 4Gig USB stick, and you can stick it in with a card and if you know the albums, can do the sleevenotes thing yourself…

It’s easy enough to pay me for it – just send the £35 to me via PayPal. Send it to Steve [at] steve-lawson [DOT] co [DOT] uk and I’ll get the USB stick out to you ASAP. Or, of course, just click the Paypal button below, to pay with either Paypal, or a credit/debit card:

Give the gift of music this christmas. Loads and loads of music.

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