Third Preview Track from My Forthcoming Album With Mike Outram

This was available a while back in exchange for a tweet, for Twitter users, but is now on Soundcloud, available for anyone to listen to, download, share, comment on, link to… You know the drill. Here it is:

3rd Preview Track from Lawson/Outram Album by solobasssteve

We recorded this album back in, uhm, February, I think... A long time ago. I’m not used to recording stuff and then it taking this long to happen. But Mike and I are both busy and – crucially – both dads, which seems to make the logistics of making things like this happen that bit more tricky.

But what it has meant is that I can listen to it over and over. And I LOVE it. I love the sense of journey that the tracks go on – if you remember from the blog-posts around the time of the recording, this was the first time Mike and I had ever played together – we had no rehearsal, we’d never done a jazz gig together… nothing. We just set up, checked levels, and started recording. So each track has at its start the sense of unknown and untapped potential.

I had no idea where this was going to go when I played the first couple of notes. I didn’t know who’d take the tune, I didn’t know what the key would be, what Mike would decide to do against it… and I certainly didn’t predict the rather drastic change of direction that happens about 3/4 of the way through! So it still delights me to listen to it, to hear it unfold, to remember the feeling of ‘wow, this is sounding great!’ that went through my head as we were playing it. The high-wire act of recording spontaneously improvised music.

I hope you enjoy it. The album should be out soon… *should* be…

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