Great New Album From She Makes War

OK, I’m going to interrupt my ‘track by track’ breakdown of my own new album to tell you about a GREAT record by my lovely friend Laura Kidd, AKA She Makes War.

Here it is, in its entirety, on bandcamp (naturally) – hit play while you’re reading this (and then hit the ‘buy’ button when you’ve finished):

Laura is a true renaissance woman – singer/songwriter/producer/videographer/session bassist/blogger/social tech ninja/web designer… A huge skill set, all of which has come into play on the process of making the album and telling stories around it.

She’s made a whole load of really cool physical packages available – click here to read about those – and is in the process of making a video for every song on the album. Here’s my favourite of them so far (it is, in all honesty, one of my favourite music videos ever):

It’s a truly wonderful record, no filler, no extraneous keep-the-record-label-happy anomalous BS. Just a whole album full of brilliantly written/played/produced songs that you REALLY need to hear and will more than likely want to own after that. And she’s even made a marvellous microsite to tell you all about it.

And if that’s the case, you can pay what you think it’s worth for the download, or grab a limited edition piece of history with the various physical formats…

If you’re looking for the next strategy for releasing your music, the thing that’s going to make it all work, try making music as great as this, then come back and ask the question again – the answer will be a lot clearer…

(fear not, tomorrow I’ll be back to talking about me 😉 )

2 Replies to “Great New Album From She Makes War”

  1. I’ve liked warriorgrrl’s stuff since you introduced me to it. but now… NOW… she opens a song with a ukulele riff and then keeps it driving throughout.

    well… you know how I am!

    heading out now to pay as much as I can for her latest.

    thanks, Steve!

  2. Hi steve you’ve been plugging she makes war for a while now. Only yesterday i got around to checking her out. Bloody nice album.
    Thanks for tipping us off how great she is.

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