“Slow Food” With Trip Wamsley AKA Making Music With Awesome Musicians.

Here it is!

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll be all-too-familiar with ‘it’ – the first of two duo albums with Trip Wamsley. I blogged about them here, and at the time thought they’d both be EPs. Well, I’m not sure about Trip’s release, but this one has grown into a full album – all 42 glorious minutes of it.

It’s called Slow Food – I’ll be blogging more about why over the next day or so, but there’s a short explanation on the bandcamp page. Trip has been a favourite musician of mine for a LONG time, and a friend for over a decade. It’s a real treat to finally get something recorded of the two of us playing together. And there’s more to come!

It’s also – crucially – my first album to be released in 24bit – that’s ‘better than CD quality’ – Bit depth is the bit of the digitization equation that deals with dynamic range – it means that each sample is made up of more bits, more data to define what’s happening at that time. It’s the one that I can ‘hear’ better than the sample rate (the 44.1khz bit in the CD spec) – so I’ve uploaded all the tracks to Bandcamp at 44.1k/24bit. Are you going to hear it and know it’s 24bit? Clearly not, because you don’t have a comparison file. But you will hear the awesome, all the more clearly because of it. Trust me.

So, enjoy – as always, it’s priced at ‘Pay What You Think It’s Worth’ – even though it’s a high-res download. A lot of places seem to charge loads more even for normal FLAC lossless files. That’s just not how we do things round here.

You’re a grown-up, you know what these things are worth to you, and can pay accordingly. If you’re completely skint, pay nothing. If you’re minted, love it and want to help smooth the process of more records like it coming into existence, feel free to go nutz…

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    1. there’s a *lot* of ebow going on on that first tune – at one point there’s my straight ebow signal, a second processed delay line of that through the kaoss pad, and trip playing ebow as well 🙂 So it could be the filter in the kaoss pad… not sure 🙂

  1. I can;t think of a bigger turn off than “Awesome Musicians.”
    really like what you have to say about the net tho

      1. ha! I think there’ll only be one more album this year, possible two… but you never know. I do need to write about the shift in industrial model that favours regular progressive releases rather than putting out one album every few years and then working it to death…

  2. Steve, just listening to this now for the first time. The opening track “The Upward Spiral” is utterly *gorgeous*. One of these hairs-on-end, tears-in-eyes slices of beauty that makes this world feel such a lovely place to be in. It has a completeness about it that is very rare indeed.

    Thanks to you, and thanks to Trip also. Wonderful.

    1. thanks Baxter! So glad you’re enjoying it. It’s a huge encouragement for an album to be met with such enthusiasm 🙂

      See you soon!

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