New House Concert Video

We’re just back from a fabulous run of house concerts in England and Scotland. All kinds of good times were had, friends were made, internet chums suddenly existed in meat-space too, and a lot of very fine music happened. Big, big thanks to the truly awesome people who hosted the gigs in Leeds, Camberley and Edinburgh. Expert humans, one and all.

…and what’s more, it’s only 2 weeks til our first date in the US! We’re in Brooklyn on May 29th. See you there, Native New Yorkers 😉

We multitrack recorded all three gigs, and some of that should be available in some shape or form soon – probably via the USB memory sticks that now seem to make up about 70% of our in-concert music sales!

There are some great photos from the Camberley gig and some Audioboo from the Leeds gig.

But for now, here’s a load of Youtube footage, taken by the lovely Ilicco, starting with a new version of The Kindness of Strangers:

Then there’s Lobelia’s fabulous song, I’m Lost:

And finally two cover versions – Love Is A Battlefield, and You Spin Me Round (Like A Record):

3 Replies to “New House Concert Video”

  1. Steve, I’ve had a soft spot for Love is a Battlefield ever since Pat Benatar arrived on my radar. But I love what the two of you have done to it. What a great piece to listen to as I’m winding down for bed. Thanks.

  2. really enjoyed all of that, the music and the humor (or humour). Lovely singing, cool surprise-laden playing. Is that an E-bow with the little light shining out of it?

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