Annotating Tracks With Soundcloud

As promised, when the 1st of the Steve Lawson/Mike Outram tracks reached 500 plays, we uploaded another one. It’s a really long one that goes through 3 or 4 very different sections, though that evolve on into the next in a lovely fluid way. In order to explain a little of what’s actually going on (it’s a pretty big noise for just a bassist and a guitarist to make live!) I’ve annotated the track, as you can see below.

The timed comments option with Soundcloud is a great way to add ‘subtitles’ to your music, to explain it, talk about what’s happening, even add credits if you have lot of guests that you want to highlight…

Feel free to use the timed comments yourself – you can respond to my commentary, ask a question, or just point out the bits you like the most (and please use the comments below this post to explore other things that might be possible with timed comments, as well as whether or not you found it helpful to have the commentary while listening…) :

2nd un-mixed track from the forthcoming steve lawson/mike outram album by solobasssteve

and here’s the first tune again, if you missed it last time round:

Rough Mix of 1st Track from forthcoming Steve Lawson/Mike Outram album by solobasssteve

Mike and I have another day booked next week for mixing, so we’ll see how close we are to putting the album out after that!

If the 2nd track reaches 500 plays before the album’s out, of course we’re put up another un-mix for y’all to hear. 🙂

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