New Live Solo Tunes!

Recorded at Friday night’s gig at the Islwyn Guitar Club in Crosskeys, Gwent, South Wales, here are two new tunes that ’emerged’ – they’re both improvs, but I like ’em, so will probably have a bash at something like them for the new album…

The recordings are remarkably good considering they’re just on a little Tascam digital recorder thingie (recorded by Andrew Buckton – fab singer/songwriter who came with me, and sang beautifully on the gig too).

here they are – enjoy!

New Tunes from Islwyn Guitar Club by solobasssteve

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  1. Hey! I know ‘cos I was there as Max Boyce would have said if he was there which he wasn’t but I was. That sentence needs some punctuation.

    If you record these tracks for the new album you should give them Welsh names, I’ll see what I can come up with ;0)

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