Interview With Me For The Unconventional Guide To Art And Money

Last week I was interviewed by Zoë Westof for the Unconventional Guide To Art and Money – it was a really fun interview to do (anybody surprised that I love talking about art, vocation, creativity, business and stuff like that??)

The eBook itself is a really interesting idea, in that with it you get a bunch of audio interviews, and then updates – more interviews as they come along. It’s a great way of fairly easily ‘adding value’ to a digital product. Much harder to do if you have to mail out hard copies of extra chapters to a real book, but for digital services like this, it makes a lot of sense to continue updating them (I know that a lot of authors continue blogging on the same subject to update the info in their physical books. that works too!)

So, check out the book by clicking here – it’s interesting that so much of the advice in it is about visual art, rather than music or writing, but that actually makes it more fun (and perhaps easier?) to abstract principles from it rather than getting caught up in the details of someone else’s execution of their ideas.

Anyway, here’s the interview with me – it’s an hour long, so set aside a little time, or download it and listen to it on the bus on the way to work 🙂

or download it here.

I don’t have a transcript of the interview, but if you want to pull out the quotes from it that connect with you the most and add them to the comments, we can put together ‘edited’ highlights.

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  1. Interesting! Don’t have space right now to listen to the whole interview but will find time later. There’s a few people out there who have been talking along these lines – @gapingvoid for example. Also : – Hans Abbing’s dissection of the art world makes painful reading 🙂 The eBook spin off is also good, the adding bits as and when…but I still find it easier to print off text than reading great chunks of stuff online.

  2. Right. OK, I’ve just listened to the interview – There’s so much good advice there. “…Process is as interesting as product, and… sharing without narcissism – having a diffuse portfolio: sustainability is so much more important than profitability…Everything is bigger than twitter…” Hehe. I think there was one piece of good fortune: in early – but so brilliant in realizing the potential. Recommending that anyone interested in creative process/arts/music/social media should find the time to take an hour out and listen. (I liked the bar/coffee shop analogy too.) Thanks also to Zoë for the interview, will check out the ebook 🙂

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