Rock And Roll Is Dead… And My Novel Is Finished

As you’ll remember if you’re an even semi-regular visitor to this site, in November I took part in Nanowrimo – National Novel Writing Month. I started it, expecting that I probably wouldn’t finish it, due to the impending baby. But baby arrived and I still managed to finish it! Fifty thousand words that I’m actually rather proud of. It’s called ‘Rock And Roll Is Dead’, and it’s about a band who go on a journey.

Big, big thanks to the people who were reading it as we went along – you’ll see some of their tweets in the book from when they replied to the characters on there. Your encouragement and willingness to talk made-up nonsense to imaginary people was invaluable in shaping the direction of the book and providing the motivation to keep writing. Nuff respect.

The PDF as it was going along was behind a password-protected link, just so I could keep track of who had it. But now it’s available as a free download by clicking on the book cover below. Sadly, the links in the PDF aren’t clickable – I’m hoping that the eventual version of it will be fully interactive (the .rtfd version of it that I’ve got is fully clickable, I just can’t get a version that looks good AND is clickable. One or the other but not both… I’ll get there.)

There will, in due course, be a paper version of it available on Lulu for you to buy, should you want to, as well as some band t-shirts…

So, if you want to read the PDF of the novel, feel free to click on the book cover below, or right-click (cntrl+click on a Mac) and save it to your desktop. It’s worth mentioning that it does have a lot of strong language in it. If that bothers you, probably best not to download, or get someone else to edit it for you first 😉

I’m already thinking about what happens next for the characters, so the two Twitter accounts and one of the blogs will be ongoing – feel free to join in the fun – @Drum_Monkey_ and @TheDistanceMeg are the Twitter accounts, and is their blog…

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  1. Amazing – although for whatever reason I didn’t finish this year, I nailed it in 2008 and I know what a massive endeavour nano is. And Steve has done it with bells on!

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