Independent Music Manifesto Pt II – The Video!

So, after having posted yesterday’s blog spelling out the ‘State Of The Indie Union‘, I found a tweet linking to this video of me talking at Leeds Metropolitan University a couple of weeks ago. The event was organised by JAMESJoint Audio Media Education Services – who booked me to talk about the state of play for musicians in the new music economy.

Given that it was a room full of educators and students who were also musicians, it’s leans further towards the education end of the spectrum in places, but is pretty much a video version of the manifesto in yesterday’s blog. Enjoy!

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  1. Hi Steve,

    Just watched the video of your talk. I am not a musician but just an average music listener and buyer. I’ve just drifted here from another blog and have heard of you before so I thought I would have a nose around. What an amazing perspective you have – I’ve really never thought of music in that way before. You have educated me. Might even go an have a listen to your music…

  2. aye up!

    next time you’re in leeds, get in touch and we’ll happilyfeed you and maybe even take you out for a beer or two…

    si and sue

  3. Hi Steve

    I’ve just been watching the video for a second time – there may even be a third. Your website is a resource I refer to almost daily. Many thanks.

    Cameron, Small Symphonies

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