Podcast of the Outside The Box Panel from UnConvention

You’ll remember a few weeks ago I was on a panel, chaired by the lovely Andrew Dubber, at UnConvention in Manchester. The panel was titled ‘Outside The Box’, and the aim was to address some of the unique issues that face musicians and bands that don’t fall into the ‘guitar/bass/drums/vox’ indie band format. So there was me, a few electronica people, an Islamic devotional music artist, and a 17th century folk music artist… all kinds of fun and games!

And here is the audio recording of it – it’s just over an hour long, and contains a lot of great discussion. (there’s some fairly grown up language in the recording, in case that kind of thing is a concern for you).

Enjoy – it’s well worth a listen! Here’s my blog post from the time, with a lot of my brain-stormed ideas from thinking about the session – there are loads more in the recording, from the other amazing people I was on the panel with.

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