Two More Contrasting Solo Bass Experiment Videos.

Since Saturday’s upload, I’ve put 2 more videos on Vimeo for your delectation and delight, which contrast the different ways that the Looperlative can be used to either simply provide a loop for a piece of music, or be integral to the way it’s created, and the sound that emerges.

I’m fascinated by the relationship between technology and end result, and by the methods that we as musicians can use to keep our own technical thoughts and experiments subservient to the greater artistic and communicative aims…

Anyway, the first video is this:

Steve Lawson public beta. A Gentle Descent Into Madness. 🙂 from Steve Lawson on Vimeo.

It’s the first of the new experiments to have earned itself a title – ‘A Gentle Descent Into Madness‘ (don’t expect that to make to to the finished project, but it did seem fitting) – the initial loop has the flutter of harmonics over a simple semibreve bassline, with a melody that drifts in and out of consonance, giving it a vaguely unsettled feel that becomes more and more nuts as the looped parts of the tune get more promient, more scattered and more harsh… Lots of fun!

Then there’s this:

jazz experiment (public beta music, happy edition 🙂 ) from Steve Lawson on Vimeo.

As I said on twitter, it’s stumbling clumsily into Todd Johnson‘s territory – there are moments of guileless happiness and frivolity on every project I do. It’s very much a part of who I am, and how I hear music, so this is me exploring that space, seeing what comes out. Towards the end, the looping stuff deconstructs the more traditional feel of the jazz progression + solo format, taking into a more StevieSpace. Enjoy!

I guess both of these pieces tie in well with the ‘is darker music inherently deeper?‘ question – feel free to continue that discussion in the light of these, and Saturday’s offering.

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