Three new things to look/listen/learn.

Photo of the We20 Tuttle in full swingV .quick post this, just to highlight some fun stuff that’s happened in the last couple of days.

First up, I FINALLY posted some new music. OK, so it’s about 2 mins, recorded on a the headphone-mic of an iPhone, but it’s there (the recording was of three loops that I left running for a quite a while, I wasn’t playing ‘live’ as this was recorded…) :

It came about as I was sat playing, while Lo slept with Vortex the cat sat on her. I was just playing, thinking about this lovely serene scene and all that it represented, and out came some music that summed it up better than I could in words. (It was also my first go and posting stuff to Audioboo – a fantastic podcasting app for the iPhone/iPod Touch – def. more where that came from!)

Fun thing number 2 is the Tuttle Club Annual Report 2009Lloyd Davis, Tuttle founder wrote the report, but Mike Atherton AKA Sizemore wrote the foreward and I wrote the Afterward. Click the above link to read Lloyd’s brief blog about it, or click here to download it directlyfeel free to post your thoughts on it in the comments here or over there… (the picture at the top is of the Tuttle We20 special at the ICA, when we had a group discussion on many of the issues that the G20 was said to be about, and then posted a series of questions to the head of the World Bank, via a hook up with Reuters.)

The 3rd lovely thing to point you to is a post from this morning on David Jennings’ Music Arcades Blog, about my album Behind Every Word. Music Arcades isn’t a ‘review’ blog; it’s just David writing around each album, working his way through his record collection, building a narrative about his life through his music. It makes me grin to be a part of it, and it’s also about as accurate a reflection of just how connected all the geeky, webby, social media-y stuff I’m involved in is to my music – ie, utterly inseparable. Thanks David!

So there you go, three fun things for Easter weekend. If you want something a little more God bothering-y to read for Good Friday, here’s my now annual link back to my Good Friday post from 2005.

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