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Pods and Blogs websiteLast Thursday I went over to BBC TV Centre to be interviewed for BBC Radio 5 Live’s Pods And Blogs. It’s a segment in the overnight show on a Monday, I think, but for those of us who aren’t nocturnal, it’s also a rather excellent stand alone podcast. I’ve been listening to it for months, and Jamillah Knowles does a great job of rounding up what’s happening in webland in a 25 minute show.

She also does big long interviews, and gives each interviewee some serious airtime. We talked for about half an hour about the ways in which the internet (broadly) and social media (more specifically) have changed the way that musicians like Lobelia and I can manage our careers, releasing music and communicating with our audience, which was then edited down to almost 10 minutes on the radio show/podcast – amazing for a national radio station to be able to give that much airtime to a story like mine 🙂

Also on the show this week is Dan Light talking about the marketing of Watchmen, that I blogged about last week. Dan’s own blog post about the marketing plan for the film and its conception makes for seriously inspiring reading (and makes me REALLY wish I’d enjoyed the film!)

So do subscribe to the podcast, (you can download the episode with me via the same link) and send any ideas you have for stories the show could cover to the show via @podsandblogs on twitter!

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  1. Hey, first, thanks for pointing out this podcast. I’ve subscribed to it now.

    So do you feel they took the best ten minutes of your interview and presented all of the most salient points? Is there anything you wish they had left out or kept in?

    On the whole, it sounded like a great interview. I especially like your point about people asking you to make a certain kind of album. “No, YOU should make that album!” 🙂

  2. Hi Darren,

    I can’t remember exactly what I said, but it does feel like a surprisingly coherent cross-section of the things we spoke about. It helps that Jamillah is familiar with my music (and also, it turns out, a bass player… 🙂 ) – it felt like about as succinct a 10 min interview about what I do as you’re going to get.

    if you go to the left hand sidebar and click on ‘Social Media Consultancy’, you’ll see an embedded podcast of a longer interview I did about this stuff with another great interviewer, Penny Jackson. That’s worth a listen too 🙂

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