Heads Up – Looperlative fall sale…

As you’ll know if you’ve read anything about the gear I use for music-making, I’m a HUGE fan of the Looperlative. It’s something I’m very proud of that it was after a gig of mine that Bob Amstadt who invented it decided to build it, and that he asked me to be the first tester and co-developer of the software (I didn’t write any of the code, I was just sent an ’empty’ box and asked him for the features I wanted. He’d code them, I’d test them, and thus it was born, a looping device that did pretty much everything I could ever imagine wanting from a looping device!

The Looperlative

It really is the most fully-featured hardware looper around. I’m not a fan of doing these things on a laptop (I know some amazing musicians who do, it just doesn’t work for me on a practical level, or a latency level).

Quite a few of my musical friends have bought them since, and others have expressed an interest in getting on, so I thought I’d point you to this post on the Looperlative forum, where Bob offers a pretty hefty (but undisclosed due to commercial sensitivity, I guess) discount…

If you’ve been considering getting one, now’s a good time. If you don’t know what the looperlative is, watch any of the videos I’ve posted in the last 3 years on Youtube – that’s the Looperlative that lets me do all the layering. All the stuff on Behind Every Word is done with the looperlative. All the layers of bass on the Lawson/Dodds/Wood album are done with the looperlative. It’s proper amazing.

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  1. Steve just found you out here on the web. and just found this device tonight, I do looping with vocals and mic inputs as well as guitar how would you say this device would hold up to the trio of demands? Depending on your answer I would love to buy this from you.

  2. Hi Dave,

    the Looperlative would be great with your set up – you would need a mini mixer, as it only has Stereo ins, but it also has 3 assignable stereo outs, so you could have each instrument looped on separate tracks (assuming you weren’t looping them all simultaneously – it’ll only loop onto one stereo track at a time) and then send them out to different post-processing or amps.

    So with a little Mackie/Tapco/etc. mixer as your front end (even a Samson S-mix would work to just bring all three in) you’d have a great little set up! And because it’s stereo, everything can be panned to different places in the stereo field (you can control panning via any CC controller (fader-box, pedal etc.) so you can even move things around in the stereo field after the fact.

    do check out the forum on the looperlative site – http://www.looperlative.com – lots of great info there, or post more questions here! It’s an AMAZING device. I can’t imagine using anything else right now.

  3. I have a similar set up to Dave… I am in the uk, I would like to buy this looper though. Any chance of getting it here? Would it work in the uk, regarding the power supply…

    Thanks Dan

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