New site, new blog home, new shop…

As you’ll have seen by now (unless you’re reading this in an RSS reader), there’ve been a lot of changes round here – the design of has now shifted into wordpress, the shop is still zencart, but has been given a facelift and most significantly, the blog is now hosted here too, integrated into the rest of the site.

The task of getting everything to forward to the right place was pretty huge – given how highly this blog indexes in google, it was vital that all those link redirected properly to this one, and I had SO much help from my herd of sure-footed trusty geeks: James Stewart, Rev. Gareth, Mike Arthur and The Captain. Gentleman and scholars to a man. I now fully understand why properly trained geeks get paid so much money – they can save you so much money. James did a couple of things this afternoon that quite literally saved me 3-4 complete days of editing URLs and stuff…

The tags from the old site still haven’t copied across, and a lot of the little pages that are littered around the old design still need to be imported and linked to (old gig reviews etc), but we’re getting there, slowly.

I hope you like the new design. Feel free to try out the new shop – if anything does go a bit weird, just email me, and we’ll sort it out – there’s no way you’re going to lose money on the deal, cos it’s actually me who runs it, so if there’s a problem, I can just FTP you the files for the download or pop a CD in an envelope, no worries 🙂


5 Replies to “New site, new blog home, new shop…”

  1. Blimey charlie.

    You’re brave moving everything across. I wouldn’t even attempt it.

    Everything showing up nicely in my RSS reader, though, so all present and correct.

    It even let me go back a page to fill in a missing field without losing my comment from the comment box….

  2. Ok, my comment is awaiting moderation apparently, but I can see it.

    Although it also says: “0 responses so far”

  3. uhm, not sure why that was – I’ve just added captcha, so we’ll see if that helps at all – I’ve had two spam comments already!

  4. Have you got the Akismet plugin? I.m.e. that does a great job of weeding the spam on WordPress – I recommend it. So far it’s caught about 90 spam comments and let about 1 or 2 through. (I don’t like captcha because unless you do an audio equivalent along with it, it interferes with access for people using screen readers.)

    just my 2p…

  5. I’ve got akismet – I may well remove the capture thing, and see how well it does without it… Or just add an audio alternative – that’s a really good point about that, and one I really should have thought of! :o)

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