How to 'Stumble' without the Stumble Upon toolbar.

Right, I’ve just made a ‘stumble this!’ toolbar link, for those of you that want to stumble stuff but don’t want to use Firefox or IE to get the stumbleupon tool bar –

Stumble This! – drag this link to your toolbar and you should be, as the americans say ‘Good to go’.

Please experiment with it by first logging into Stumble Upon, then coming back and stumbling a few of my blog pages. You can do this anyway without my wikkid new stumble button by clicking the Stumble Upon icon at the bottom of any post –

But this trick means you can stumble anything, from any browswer, not just by using embedded buttons or the SU toolbar – try it, it’s fab! (obviously, again, you have to be logged into Stumble Upon for it to work… oh, and don’t forget to marvel at my wikkid javascript skillz… :o)

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  1. Thanks steve ,Ive been trying to get stumble on opera for thanx to your link its on.
    one question tho.How do I stumble?theres no stumble button.everything else is there albeit in a different layout the SU
    just takes me home! any thoughts?
    I can get my favorites ok
    nothin g new

  2. bavvle,

    one of the problems with SU when it’s not on Firefox or IE is that it won’t keeped you logged in, so you have to log in first, then click the link. If you just click the link, it asks you to log in, but doesn’t send you back to the page, or remember what you were trying to stumble. Their site is clearly designed to put you off doing it any other way… Which is a shame really – if they ditched the tool bar obsession, and make a series of useful bookmarklets, life would be a lot easier 🙂

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