Downloading made easy, the Reverb Nation Widget way!

Not sure why I didn’t think of this before, but you can download all of Lessons Learned from An Aged Feline Pt II from the widget below. It’s a four step process, as follows:

1. click the word ‘songs’ at the top of the widget.
2. click on ‘What Was Going On’
3. put your email address into the box that appears (you have to sign up for my mailing list to get the download)
4. while the track is playing, click the little download arrow to the right of the play-timeline, underneath the tracklist.

Then repeat steps 2 and 4 – click on each song and click download. And you’ll have a shiny digital loveliness copy of LLfaAF Pt II.


One of the fun things about doing this experiment with the free downloads has been listening back to two albums I’ve not listened to of mine for a long time. LLfaAF Pt II is the record where I fell in love with my fretted 6 string bass – The majority of the tracks on it are recorded with that bass. Melodically, it’s probably the most ‘jazz’ thing I’ve done, as I was quite consciously experimenting with more ‘outside’ lines and some bigger intervals in the melodies. It was nice to go back and rediscover a few things I was doing then that I haven’t done since, and am now wanting to reincorporate into my playing.

For those of you who are musicians wanting to make your music available in different places, Reverb Nation widgets are a great way to do it – if you go to my page and click on the widgets tab, you’ll see all the ones available. You can even make the one above the main music interface on your blog.

It’s a good way to manage collecting mailing list subscriptions in exchange for the free stuff, rather than just giving it away AND having to play for the bandwidth from your own server.

And of course, your legions of fans can include your widgets on their myspace page, blog, facebook page, bebo page. etc etc.

As the user-base of Reverb Nation grows, it may increase in native currency. For now, it’s largely about traffic you send to your page, and the widgets it makes available.

Though the nice thing about it being pretty small right now is that I’m at Number 2 in their jazz charts! – that’s 2nd out of 1789 ‘jazz’ artists. And that’s without even being proper jazz. Good work.

5 Replies to “Downloading made easy, the Reverb Nation Widget way!”

  1. Way to go, Number Two Not-Proper-Jazz!

    I agree, the RN bubble will continue to be pretty sweet until it bursts… and the widgets are some of the best things to happen for indie musicians in a long while…

    …and LLfaAF Pt II has been great listening, btw. You never thought it was worth a “proper” release? Pshaw. Just about ready to go get Pt I.

    Much love,

    Number Seven Not-Proper-Folk!

  2. Seth, really glad you’re enjoying the album – I love the tracks on there, they just didnt’ fit with the flow of what was on the ‘real’ album (this one came out with Grace And Gratitude).

    As for the Reverb Nation charts, I just wish I had the ‘poker face’ to be able to press release it as though it was a big deal, but I can’t pretend it means more than it does :o)

    Pt I, BTW, is a VERY different record – much more ambient/electronica – I really like that one too.

    FWIW, I would have made that one available on RN too, if there wasn’t an 8meg limit per track. A couple of the tracks on Pt I are over 20 mins long!

  3. Tried downloading Lessons Learned 2, but it keeps saying the tracks are unavailable, both via the widget and on the Reverb Nation site. Is this problem at my end or yours? (Successfully downloaded Lessons Learned 1 from your website though – very nice!)

  4. Hi Chris,

    hmmm, not sure what the problem is – will the tracks play but not download, or are they not appearing at all? Anyone else had trouble with the download? They are playing OK on my computer…

    sorry ’bout that – glad you’re enjoying Pt I!


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