website and blog music-player updates…

OK, I’ve just added new music players to both the website frontpage and here on the blog – they’re over on the left hand side there, beneath the links. The main difference between the two is that the one on my site autostarts, the one on the blog doesn’t – I’m guessing that the majority of the visitors to the blog are here to read stuff, not necessarily listen to music, whereas visitors to the homepage are far more likely to be wanting to hear something straight away. (feel free to discuss the relative merits of autostart music in the comments below – I’m open to persuasion either way. I’m definitely not putting it on on the blog – there are a couple of blogs I just never visit any more because they have music players on them that play all kinds of nonsense that I don’t really want to hear…)

The decision to go with the embeddable thingie over the reverbnation one was simply that the one was portrait and the reverbnation ones are all landscape, but not landscape enough for them to work in the main body of my site – if they did one that was 500px wide and about 80px high, I’d have probably gone for that on the website front page, but just wanted something a little tidier.

So, have a listen! Go on, you know you want to. If you do want to listen to the stuff that’s on the reverb nation page, you can do so with the player below – there are a few live things on there that are unavailable anywhere else…

Do those of you that have music pages use any other embedded widgets? Do tell…


3 Replies to “website and blog music-player updates…”

  1. oohhh i like the last fm player better than the reverbnation one.

    I’ll have to check into that.

    I used to be indifferent to autoplay on blogs and artist websites – but now I’m against it.

  2. Yeah, the crowd got the design right from the start – really cool unobtrusive stuff, without all the primary colour garishness of most widgets.

    So why the change on autoplay?


  3. also, I quite like the way the Reverbnation one works on your site – I tried that on mine, but it just made the whole front page too long… and I don’t currently have a splash screen, so try and keep my main page relatively concise…

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