First Podcast recorded… available ASAP.

I’ve just finished my first joint podcast with Jeff Schmidt – we recorded it via Skype, and talked for about an hour about lots of musical things (we both were expecting it to get all political/religous but it didn’t this time – it’s going to be a series, so there’s plenty of time for that!)

Jeff’s the ideal person to do this with, in that he’s a solo bassist and tech-geek, but has enough of a different take on things that we can get our teeth into it without it becoming a podcasted mutual hagiography.

I’m looking forward to listening back to it, and will make it available as soon as possible.

So, bearing in mind that it’s Jeff and I talking nonsense about bass playing, music, marketing, the web, geek-stuff, and will contain rants about religion, politics, philosophy etc… have you got any suggested titles?

If you want to follow the development of the podcast, and any other whacky ideas that Jeff and I may come up with, you can subscribe to our combined twitter feed here – that way you can read our conversations about it in real time… or you can just sign up at and join the conversation yourself…

3 Replies to “First Podcast recorded… available ASAP.”

  1. I’m usually quite good with thinking up names for things, but the best I can come up with for this is “Two Passing Shits in the Night.”

    I’m not sure the title would generate much traffic.

    Maybe I should listen to it first, and see if it gives me any ideas.

  2. Or maybe “Bass Behaviour”.

    Hmmm. Give me time.

    I suspect all the puns possible with the word “Bass” are done regularly in Bass magazines, so these are probably quite hackneyed.

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