Looperlative latest…

Bob Amstadt, inventor of the Looperlative has just posted an update on where the next run of units being built are at – further to the info in that post, he sent me a message saying the testing is done, and he’ll have an ETA on the new units very soon…

the looperlative

So, if you want one, go to the preorder page on the Looperlative site now – they are currently $1349 – that in today’s exchange rate is £645 – so even with shipping an duty, it’s less than £800, which is, frankly, a bargain.

I simply cannot imagine doing a full solo gig with anything else now – the feature list is second to none, the basic architecture of the box is so well thought out and the latest upgrade adds a bunch of panning and preset stuff that’s going to be SO useful. The feature set keeps growing the users group keeps coming up with new cool ideas that are being implemented as and when the can be, and all the upgrades are free…

As I said in my rant about the risible attempts by the Big music companies to make looping devices the Looperlative is so far ahead of the game it’s not even funny. That the price is less than four times what you’d pay for a Digitech JamMan, despite it being at least 100 times more useful is the best gift a looping musician could have.

So treat yourself for Christmas – email your family and tell them you have quite enough socks and aftershave and would rather have a financial contribution towards your new Looperlative.

Go on, you know you want to! :o)

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