The 68 Bus from Waterloo to Herne Hill

Here’s a set of photos i took on the 68 bus – it’s the bus that I get if I’m coming back from the centre of town, and I thought it’d be fun to document it.

the photos are completely untreated – it’s not a particularly picturesque journey for most of it, but there are some interesting things along the way. The subjects are intentionally not framed in tidy ways, as looking out of a bus window tends to offer fragmented images – half-reading a sign, catching a glimpse of something down a side street, the entrance to an interesting looking market that you always ride past but have never visited… This is all about those things.

Here’s the stuff from the flickr set description –

“This is a set of photos taken from the upstairs front left seat of the 68 bus from Waterloo to Herne Hill – it’s a bus I get rather often, so I thought I’d document it. The photos were just taken with the camera on my phone, and haven’t been treated in anyway. The photos were taken about about 20-30 second intervals for the entire journey. Some of them have some interesting reflections from the window superimposed on top. others are blurry. The idea was to capture what one actually sees from a bus window, so some of the pics are buildings and roads, while others are signs and bits of weird stuff. I hope that within the mundanity of a bus ride through South London, you find something of interest… :o) ”


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