Dallas House concert…

A lovely day in Dallas yesterday – it began late, with a walk up to the Whole Foods market – just under a mile away, in this heat it felt like about three miles, but we made it there and back, and got lots of lovely stuffs for lunch (Jeff Kaiser’s tempe scramble recipe, if you must know, and a delish salad…)

Got back and started setting up for the house concert – because we haven’t been able to fit an AccuGroove rig into the car for this trip, the house concerts have mostly been through various types of Studio monitors (well, Richmond was through a badass Mackie rig with a huge sub, but that was a little out of the ordinary for such things… :o) ) – at Trip’s it was some Tannoy Reveals, i think, which sounded lovely, and last night was a pair of KRKs, which again sounded great. Brian’s house (the host of the gig) is pretty much the ideal house concert venue – plenty of space, good acoustics, and a pool out the back (which we took advantage of in the afternoon before the gig).

One of the fun things about house concerts is chatting to people before the gig starts, or just listening to other people chat, which they do in a friendly ‘having mates over for dinner’ kind of way that doesn’t happen in club gigs, or even coffee shops. All good cultural exchange fun. :o)

The gig itself went v. well – lots of fine playing, another couple of successful improv tunes (I’ve been doing one or two made-up-on-the-spot things on the shows here, and last night did one of them on Brian’s Rick Turner Model 1 bass, which sounded and played beautifully…) L played really well, and the duo stuff was once again my favourite part of the evening.

All good nothing bad.

Of To Austin today, which I hear is a bit of a music town… we’ll see about that…!

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