Throwing down the eco-monkey gauntlet…

Just heard about this company via Jonny Baker’s Blog – it’s Belu, and they make bottled water… or rather, they bottle water; you can’t make water…

But anyway, the USP is that their bottles are made from corn, are fully biodegradable and the company is carbon neutral. Apparently Tescos and Waitrose are both stocking it.

So, three challenges then, I guess – one is to buy it if you drink bottled water, two is to stock it if you sell bottled water and three is to switch to corn-made biodegradable compostable bottles if you make or sell stuff in plastic bottles. Someone else has done the hard bit, now all you need to do is play catch up.

C’mon, we’re already far too late on the whole climate thing, globally, so let’s not faff about, let’s switch plastic bottle production over to these lovely new eco-monkey bottles and get those carbon emissions down!

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