Busy times…

Sorry for the lack of interesting blog stuff of late. Much going on, but not really a) time to blog or b) stuff that’s bloggable.

For the last week I’ve been moving house, which has been exhausting, but also a great chance to purge all the crap I’d stored up over the years. So off went 3 bin-liners full of clothes to the charity shop, boxes and boxes of books, endless car-fulls of paper and cardboard to the recycling centre, all my vinyl to a talented E-bay-monkey-friend who’ll dispense with it all for me… I highly highly recommend having a stuff-purge if you find you’re getting bogged down with things. It’s something i should’ve done YEARS ago (yes, yes, mum, I know you been saying it every time I’ve seen you for the last decade…)

The purge hasn’t ended, and there’s more stuff to go (given that the room I’m now in is so full of my stuff I can hardly move… But all in good time.

On top of that, I’m still finalising details for the European tour in March, sorting out accommodation, official forms from the tax office so I can actually get paid in Italy, juggling canceled flights with more trips to scatter my possessions all over London.

it’s all a bit busy and a bit mad, so if you’ve been trying to get in touch with me over something, do email again, or call my mobile…

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