gig at the Found Theatre, Long Beach

Lovely gig last night – the wonderful Kerry Getz organised a post-NAMM gig for her friends that were in town – me, Rodney Branigan, Mary Coppin, Vicki Genfan and the amazing Alabaster Rhumb – I saw Alabaster play last year, and in the same way that when I first heard Tom Waits I thought my speakers were broken, when I first heard him play, I thought he was taking the piss. I soon noticed that no-one else was laughing, and adjusted my perception of what he was doing, and realised he’s a genius. One of the most original talents I’ve seen in ages. And last night I got to hear him do four songs, all of which were great.

As was everyone else on the bill – Vicki and I have done three gigs together this week now, Rodney and I have been sharing a house, Mary was new to me, but wonderful, and Kerry was her usual magical self. All in all, a great evening. we each played four songs, two sets with three artists, playing alternately. Rodney played a lovely solo on one of my tunes, and a fine time was had by all. More please!

Anyway, check out all of them via their sites linked above… Vicki may well come and play with me in Santa Cruz next weekend

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