me and my grandad

me and my grandad

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I’ve blogged about my grandad before – he’s 96, and amazing. He shuffles around, forgets everything, but has lived a full life, and is basically a happy man. He’s happy thanks to the care and love of my step-nan – his first wife (my mum’s mum) died in the 60s, and he married again in the early 70s, after being match-made by my mum’s sister and nana’s daughter who worked together.

Up until then, he never even been in a plane. Together, they’ve been round the world three times, a life well lived. She’s in her late 80s, and nurses him like a woman half her age. An astonishing couple, and spending this weekend with them was a great time indeed.

Cheers, Grandad – here’s to your letter from the Queen in three and a half year’s time.

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