OK, who thought Jackass was some kind of infomercial?

the crassness of the world of amusement parks just hit an all time low with this story – if you eat a LIVE cockroach, you get to jump the queues for all the rides…




What on earth is going on? It’s the kind of thing Steve-O off Jackass or those buffoons on Dirty Sanchez would do, thinking it was cool. But in both of their defenses, they got a TV series out of it!!! That’s a career, all be it a weird one that involves covering yourself in human waste and nailing your scrotum to a plank on occasion… The idea that eating live insects is somehow a good thing to do to get onto amusement rides quicker is utterly beyond me. Quite apart from the being vegetarian part of me, crunching up live-but-immanently-dead animals just seems very wrong indeed. (actually i doubt it is quite apart from me being vegetarian – my repulsion at it is definitely heightened by my general distain for eating meat…)

As we used to say in the 80s, pre-Blair; ‘it could only happen in America’.

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  1. Urgh! You’re right, that is gross. Is anyone that desperate to jump a queue? And please don’t let me sit in front of anyone on a ride who’s just done it – I don’t want to be the proud recipient of second-hand cockroach as the rollercoaster rounds a sharp corner. Yuck.

    Anyway, that aside, as stupid as Dirty Sanchez are, their latest film (released soon) features a fab song from Dan’s new band, Amino. It’s a great song called Hurt Yourself – hear it at http://www.myspace.com/aminotheband

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