MOBO drops Jazz. Jazz not happy

The one downside to being at the Recycle Collective last night was that I missed the protests outside the MOBO awards at them having dropped Jazz as a category.

I mentioned this on the blog when the issue was first raised by Abram Wilson – it’s such a nonsense to have an awards show for ‘music of black origin’ and not have jazz, unless all you’re celebrating is Spirituals and Field Hollers. Hip-hop, soul, R ‘n’ B, reggae all trace a big part of their sound back to Jazz, and, Paul Robeson aside, jazz musicians were the first worldwide black music stars.

So last night, outside the Royal Albert Hall where the awards were taking place, about 100 people gathered to protest, 20 or so musicians played, including Soweto Kinch, a former MOBO winner, led by Abram Wilson. I saw some photos at the RC last night, as John L Walters came straight to the RC from the protest – looked like a lot of fun!

So, balls to the MOBOs and their hideous bling-fest. Support jazz in the UK, peoples!

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