more greenbelt thoughts

some top 3s (I don’t think I did anything 5 times at Greenbelt except brush my teeth…)

Top 3 music highlights

  • Spearhead
  • Nizlopi
  • Lleuwen Steffan, Huw Warren and Owen Evans

Top 3 non-music things from the program

  • Jude Simpson’s poetry/comedy gig
  • The Northern Ireland discussion
  • Paul Powell’s Liquid Lunch, with Jude Simpson, Gareth Higgins and Cole Moreton.

Top 3 eateries

  • the new Burrito van (definitely a favourite)
  • Nuts
  • the Burrito place again (didn’t go anywhere else really)

Top 3 things I wished I’d seen

  • Clive Stafford-Smith
  • Alistair McIntosh’s seminars
  • Bill Drummond’s interview
    (fortunately loads of the seminars and talks can be bought here)

Top 3 people I vaguely knew before but got to chat to lots more

  • Gareth Higgins
  • Paul Chambers
  • Joe Fisher

(very nice to make your further acquaintance, gents)

All four of the me-playing moments went really well, so can’t pick favourites there, and everyone I got to play with over the weekend – Julie McKee, Steve Stockman, Simon Jones, Mark..? (fab poet whose surname I didn’t catch, sadly), Huw Warren, Andrea Hazell, Harry Napier, Juliet Turner… were all fab. The poetry and bass stuff (Stocki, Simon Jones (‘is unwell’) and Mark) was a whole lot of abstract fun, and the Recycle gig continued the tradition of Recycle gigs resulting in some of the loveliest music I can imagine. All good, nothing bad.

Greenbelt really is my favourite weekend of the year, and selling lots of CDs and T-shirts is kind of a lovely icing on the cake.

It speaks volumes that I took no photos at all over the weekend – was far too busy having fun to faff with a camera. But there are squillions of great photos on the Greenbelt website.

If you weren’t there, put the last weekend in August in your diary for next year now. It’s magic.

4 Replies to “more greenbelt thoughts”

  1. Hi Steve,

    Last Sunday I bought 3 CDs at Greenbelt:
    – your ‘behind every word’
    – Julie McKee
    – Lleuwen Steffan

    and then I accidentally bumped into the Recycle gig and found both yourself, Julie and Huw Warren on stage at the same time! Magic!

    So thanks a lot, really enjoyed getting to know your music.

    cheers, herman

  2. Thanks, Herman! Really glad you enjoyed the gig and the CDs – playing with Huw and Julie was such a fantastic experience. Two really amazing musicians!

  3. Steve

    Magical it all was…

    You were one of the bright lights of my little world this GB – look forward to seeing where the connection will journey friend


  4. Sorry I missed your gigs at GB..missed so much I wanted to see on account of working 18-20 hour days…mmm some rebalancing needed methinks!!!! But I take comfort in the fact that I can catch you in London soon…lvoe Sallyxxx

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