Jonatha Brooke Live in New York DVD.

Jonatha Brooke is on of my time favourite singer/songwriters. Up there in the big four with Bruce Cockburn, Joni Mitchell and Paul Simon.

I finally got to see her play live when she came to London last year, and she was as wonderful as I’d ever imagined she would be.

Which is why I ordered her live DVD months ago, long before it was actually available, to help her out paying for the damn thing.

And this morning it arrived. So between teaching, the fairly aged feline and I have been watching it. And it genius. Of course. Beautifully shot, great song choice, her band sound remarkable, her between song chat is as charming as ever. It’s all great. You really ought to get it. It comes as a CD/DVD set, not sure what if any extras there are yet…

I own very few music DVDs. Two I think. Both are Jonatha Brooke DVDs. That says a lot.

You can buy it now from her website. It’s $17.50 + shipping, which works out to about £12 all in. For a double disc set. Shipped from the states. From the artist. It’s a no-brainer, as they say over there.

Come and see us in England again soon, J-Bro!