Greenbelt gig with Julie

Tonight’s Greenbelt gig with Julie went well – playing in the Winged Ox to a pretty packed venue, we played pretty well, though obviously not with the sharpness we had in Edinburgh. Because of Julie having lost her voice during the week, we dropped the key of ‘Video Killed The Radio Star’ which made it slightly odd to play, but we got through it OK, and Julie sang really well considering her sore throat.

A great preparation for the big Recycle Collective gig on Monday! Yay!

Greenbelt on the whole is going superbly well – catching up with many many many lovely friends, meeting fascinating new peoples, eating delicious food, going to the occasional seminar or gig, and generally having a fantastic time. Double Yay! This is definitely the the best weekend of the year…

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  1. If that was Julie with a sore throat, I look forward to hearing her when she is healthy. The singing (and playing) was wonderful.

    With all the instrument change-overs, it was also a good opportunity to talk comparative basses with my son plus, of course, playing Spot the Song.

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