Fringe underway.. :o)

We’ve arrived in Edinburgh… well, right now I’m in Berwick on Tweed, but I’ve been up in Edinburgh for the last three days, putting up posters, arranging extra gigs, and saw my first show last night – Stephen Daltry in Ludwig’s Van – a one man light comedy show about classical music. Like Gerard Hoffnung, which is no bad thing in my book, always loved Hoffnung’s stuff. Anyway, much fun, worth going to see, particularly if you know a little about classical music.

Other than that, Julie and I have tramped all over Edinburgh putting up posters in windows, shop doorways, loos, restaurant walls – anywhere with a space and the permission to put them up! Today, flyering starts with a vengeance – out of the Royal Mile convincing people that ours is the show they just can’t afford to miss (which shouldn’t be too hard, as, let’s face it, it’s true).

Gig in Glasgow on Thursday was a tough one – at such short notice, it was a sparsely populated affair. The bar itself wasn’t, just the bit where we were playing, but the people who watched seemed to really enjoy it, and a few said they were coming to Edinburgh to see it again, which was nice.

So tomorrow, Sunday, we’ve got a tech rehearsal in the afternoon, the Fringe opening party early evening, and then gig #1 at 11pm. It’s two for one on tickets tomorrow night, so if you’re in Edinburgh, come down, bring a friend, and enjoy!

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  1. Steve I’ve only been to the UK once, 1989 and I spent most of the time in Scotland – Berwick on the Tweed is very memorable as it was the first real sense of Scotland to my American ignorant eyes. I snapped a picture there that 10-years later as a vision realized became the cover to my first solo guitar CD. I recall Edinburgh and can also feel for you for the Glasgow gig as I’ve known a few of those in NY, actually the last show iwth my duo at CBGB’s here in NY. Anyhow I love your music and can really connectwith your influences as many of them are mine. I hear Manring alot who is just a wonderful soul. I met him a few years ago after I wrote to tell him I had written a piece in his honor. Anyhow enjoy hitting your site a few times as the mood of Behind Every Eye (? may have title wrong forgive me) is wonderful. All good things and hope to meet maybe one day…


    Jim Goodin

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