Very bad news for the fairly aged feline

Well, after an eight month miraculous reprieve from the original satsuma-sized tumour in his stomach, it looks like the ginger fairly aged feline is nearing the end. Took him to the vets this morning, and though the cancer indicators in his blood had dropped last monday, he’s been getting more lethargic this week, and today has developed irregularly sized pupils in his eyes – a pretty sure sign, in this case, that the lymphoma has spread to his brain.

So he’s in for half of today on a saline drip, then we bring him home, and make his last wee while as comfortable as possible, taking him in to the vets before he’s in any pain.

We’ve had two miraculous recoveries when we thought we had days left. This time it feels like he’s got no fight left in him. The problem with medication as strong as the ones he’s been on is that you need strength to defend your body from the effects of the meds while the meds are fighting the lymphoma. And he’s got very little strength left.

Still, we’ve had eight wonderful months that we didn’t think we’d have, he’s had another summer of lazing in the garden, enjoying the shade of the trees, and we wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

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  1. 🙁
    we are so sorry to know about this.
    We are sure that these 8 months with you have been an amazing present for Ginger, he probably would have never hoped in such a sweet and careful company.
    A dear hug from us and a warm touch by Ompi, Blu and Ciccio.

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