feeling soiled…

just made the mistake of watching 15 minutes of Big Brother while waiting for the Edinburgh Show – BB have clearly plumbed the depths to find the stupidest most unstable desperate people in the entire country. OK, so it’s never been quality viewing, but watching this tragic bunch of no-marks trying so hard to come across like TV presenters in the diary room, but coming across like an annoying 12 year old that you’d really like to bodily pick up and throw out of the building but know that there are laws preventing you from doing such things.

Who’s watching??? (Other than CNL who has a commission to watch it all and report back) – actually, I’m feeling really guilty for encouraging Lizzie to watch it now – the poor lass is doggedly watching it daily, and reporting back. Giving that Lizzie’s a little bit mad herself, it’s probably heartening viewing, knowing that there are people out there considerably more unhinged than she is.

Anyway, pop culture has hit an all-time low, and I’m feeling better and better about being a solo bassist working so far outside of ‘the mainstream’, given that the mainstream is now a cess-pool.

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  1. Ah come on Steve mate – I’m sure you have hidden shallows somewhere, you just need to try harder.

    I suggest starting with a subscription to Heat magazine 😉

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