Favourite cover versions

Inspired by all the practicing for my edinburgh show with Julie, I thought I’d compile a top 5 cover versions list for y’all, in no particular order –

Boys Of Summer – The Ataris (originally Don Henley)
This Must Be the Place – Shawn Colvin (originally Talking Heads)
Like A Virgin – Teenage Fanclub (originally Madonna)
Smooth Criminal – Alien Ant Farm (originally Michael Jackson)
Little Red Corvette – Seth Horan (originally Prince – I don’t think Seth has released this, but I’ve heard him do it live a number of times, and it’s magic)

As you can maybe guess from the Ataris/Teenage Fanclub/Alien Ant Farm inclusions, I have a penchant for rocked up noisy versions of 80s classics – have always wanted to form a band doing that. Maybe I will one day, but right now, the duo with Julie is just as much fun, and a lot quieter which is preferable for a man of my advanced years and tender constitution.

And as those of you that ever look at my last.fm page will know, I can’t stop listening to our version of ‘Video Killed The Radio Star’. It’s another rehearsal demo, with the occasional duff note, unintended squeak and whatnot, but I’m loving it. :o)

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