Surely anyone with a heart was rooting for T and T?

Actually ended up watching the last 15 minutes of the football yesterday. Was very disappointed when England scored – surely anyone with a heart was wanting it to be at least a draw? I have no idea at all how some spurious national pride can get in the way of wanting underdogs to do well. A load of the members of the Trinny team play well outside the premiership, for teams like Port Vale – I’d have loved to see them beat or draw with the bloated, overpaid, media-savvy pretty boys of England.

But sadly it wasn’t to be. And then Sweden won, which meant Trinidad can’t even go through just by beating Equador – they need to win by a few goals in order to go through on goal difference… so now I actually do want England to win their next game, and Trinidad to beat Ecuador, and then we’ll have them in the last 16, which would be fabulous.

Get me with my wikkid football-score-working-out skillz! Statto!

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  1. I watched the whole thing, rooting away for T’n’T. I felt so bad for them when England scored.

    I was thinking about re-naming one of my kids Shaka Hislop, but she’s eleven, and probably woudn’t go for it. Great name though.

  2. This year’s England World Cup squad is sponsored by the Oswald Mosley Shirt Company (black is our speciality).

  3. Kennan, your daughter will forever be Shaka Hislop to me – that’s magic! :o)

    You need to get her a West Ham United P-Bass now, ala Steve Harris – Shaka is the West Ham goal-keeper, so much beloved of Iron Maiden fans the world over.

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