It's the Final Mixdown (du du duhhh duhh)

I’m in the middle of mixing down the multitrack sessions to normal CD stereo audio files, so they can be sent away to be mastered on a remote Scottish Island.

I was having some trouble with the mixes having some weird noise on them, as though the speakers were damaged slightly. So as an experiment I tried ‘locking’ all the effects on each track – that means the computer pre-computes what each bit of processing does to the file so that when it plays it it’s not trying to play the file and do the processing at the same time. Hey presto, no more weird noises on the mixdowns. yay for me!

And once this is done, if there’s any day left, I think I’m going to head into town (that London town, not Southgate town) for the afternoon to celebrate. :o)

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