Is it just me…

…or do ‘Dirty Pretty Things’ sound like McFly ripping off the Clash? When is this lame-assed Libertines implosion going to go away? Doherty is a talentless loser, and Babyshambles are indeed childish and shambolic as well as devoid of all musical merit. Go away you drugged-out, imbeciles!!!


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  1. Aaah, you’ve lost me there.

    The kids love a bit of the old tinny, cockney/scoundrel rapscallion-ness, and who can blame them?

    I’d go along with you on Doherty though. Middle-class public school boy does drugs for the cred, and finds – Oh shit, these are quite addictive aren’t they?

    Even Babyshambles have got a couple of decent tunes, though.

  2. …but therein lies the problem – ‘having a couple of decent tunes’ is pretty much a given for any bunch of drunken losers in a pub band. They don’t deserve column inches either. For the kind of exposure and accolades he’s had, Babyshambles ought to be amazing, brilliant, genius. And instead they’re at best average, and for the most part a shabby disastrous talentless load of balls. ;o)

  3. But that’s accounted for by the myth of wasted genius, which is something The Kids (TM) love. You can still smell the potential for greatness beyond pub band level, IMHO.

    I don’t know – there is something very compelling about it all, and I would argue that there are some great moments and potential great moments that set them all above the rest.

    1 million Elvis fans can’t be wrong.

  4. …nor can 100 billion flies that eat dog shit?

    Colour me unimpressed, I’m afraid. I’ve not heard a single song by any Libertines related project that elevate them about the level of third rate student post-punk wannabes.

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