Radio so bad it's worse…

This is how it goes – things can be a bit naff, but bearable enough for inertia to override the desire to switch off. Then they get bad, and you turn off, after that comes ‘so bad it’s good’ in a reality TV kind of way, and then ‘even worse and you want to shoot the presenters’.

The breakfast show on Radio London is about three previously unimagined steps below this last one – Jono Coleman and JoAnne Good are almost without doubt the stupidest, most inane, inarticulate, educationally challenged, culturally bankrupt pair of losers I’ve ever come across, engaging in the kind of conversation that would cause you to withhold the tip from a taxi driver. So unimaginably poor that you can’t even being to fathom the level of dirt they must have on the programming schedulers to be able to get a gig.

It’s like listening to two particularly poorly educated 12 year olds try and sound bright. JoAnne in particular makes Kelly Brooke look like a phd student.

Their absence from the Radio London Listen Again list is not surprising at all.

So it’s time for us to find something else. Anything, the white noise between stations would be better than hearing yet another guest pause mid sentence, incredulous at how these two lobotomised rodents ever ended up conducting interviews. Like Alan Partridge, without the punch line.

So, Londoners, any suggestions? We’ve had a look at LBC, and apart from Jenny Eclair on a Saturday morning, that looks like slim pickings. Is Wogan any good on R2?
Maybe we should get a DAB and give Phil Jupitus a blast on 6Music…

It’s a shame cos I really like radio London – I love the BBC and I love living in London, so the coming together of the two really ought to be a first class thing. And for most of the schedule it is, particularly the radio masters Robert Elms and Danny Baker. Vanessa’s not bad from 9-12 either. But Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Severe Special Needs really need getting rid of. Broadcasting unworthy of a late night slot on a pirate station, let alone the misuse of licence-fee money.

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  1. We’re quite into our Radio 2 in the mornings – a bit of inane drivel from Sarah Kennedy, irritating at first, has actually become quite entertaining over the years. And then old Terry. Good old Terry. I enjoy the banter between him and his crew and the ridiculous stories and letters people send in/the crew make up (depending on your cynicism levels)

    Depends what you want from your breakfast show though – I just need something that’ll wake me up and keep me awake and that won’t wind me up so much that I’m grumpy for the rest of the day.

  2. Sarah Kennedy is so annoying she actually makes you get out of bed and go to turn off the radio. So in that sense she is very effective as a morning radio host. She does witter on A LOT, and her little sound FX while telling stories gets on my wick (little cat goes meeow, meeow, meeow, meeow, meeow… if there’s a story about a little cat!! AARGH!). At least she doesn’t turn up drunk anymore. There was a classic episode a while back when she did and it was seriously BAAAD! Claims she was kept awake all night by the central heating (so had to drink a bottle of whisky to compensate?)

    Terry is good, but full of in jokes. However he’s quite soothing and pretty funny for first thing. Breaks you gently in to the day.

    Is it me? I’m definitely a TOG.

  3. now, clearly, I may be a trifle biased, but I do think that you’d enjoy Jupitus. It’s not the best breakfast show in the world, but he certianly plays the most ecclectic range of music you’ll find at that time in the morning – most of it right up your street (in the last 15 minutes he’s played Misty In Roots, Elastica and Eddy & The Hot Rods) and his banter is quite up your street.

    DABs are as cheap at

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