Not again…

Right, first thing – last night’s gig was a blinder – much fun, great audience response (OK, except the couple that walked out after the first set and emailed me to express their displeasure… fortunately, they appear to have been in a minority of two) – playing with Cleveland and BJ is such a treat – fantastic players, great improvisers, they both listen really well, and the path of each improv seemed to unfold without anyone trying to pull in a direction the music itself wasn’t going in. Most enjoyable.

No time for a longer breakdown now because – the ‘not again’ of the blog title – I’ve lost my passport.

How do I did this??? More to the point, why do I do this??? Every sodding time! Anyone with any ideas where it might be, let me know… I think I’m going to have to cancel my first lot of teaching today, in order to keep looking… :o(

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