Kennedy Quits

so Charles Kennedy has quit as Lib Dem leader – apparently more than half of the Lib Dem MPs thought he should go, having admitted having a drink problem on Thursday… the admission was Thursday, not the drink problem. A drink problem that only last for one day is just called ‘getting drunk’.

Anyway, I’m kind of saddened by this. I like Charles Kennedy, he’s a believable chap, and while the Lib Dem policies at the last election weren’t enough to convince me to vote for them, they are certainly the one party of ‘the big three’ that if I had to choose one, I’d go for. Certainly of the three party leaders, he’d win hands down.

That said, alcoholism is a huge monkey to carry around on your back, especially in a job as fraught with stresses as that of political party leader, so perhaps he really isn’t in a fit state to do his job. It’s a shame he wasn’t able to get it sorted earlier – after all there’s been speculation for a long time about his drinking, so you’d have thought that would have served as a warning shot across the bows…

So who’ll be up next? Menzes Campbell is deputy leader, but realistically far too old to lead them into the next General Election. Simon Hughes is party chairman, and a lovely bloke, but perhaps too nice??? Who knows. Can’t really think of anyone else in the public eye already that could do it… Mark Outon is apparently in the running, but doesn’t really command party leader respect…

let’s wait and see!

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