Home very sweet home

Home at last.

Glad to be home, but with two great weeks of having a fantastic time in California behind me. From the recording session with Jeff Kaiser the day after I arrived to my last morning with Anderson and Laura, the whole trip was a pleasure, and a success. Many good things to build on in the future.

The journey home was painless – the time sat round at the airport was spent online, and then the flight itself was spent largely asleep. Thankfully the plane was less than half full, so I had the middle four seats on a 747 all to myself to stretch out fully on – anyone who paid thousands for a fold out bed on that flight, the joke was on you! I got a good six hours of sleeps on the flight, so am feeling much more alive now that usual when I get back from the states…

The only thing looming is that I have to clear all the stuff out of my office before tomorrow morning, as we’ve got a guy coming to fit window-locks, and my desk is right across the window… not looking forward to that at all.

And then it’s gig week. and sleep week.

Oh, and before I forget, if any of you bloglings are in London and are planning a trip to the States in the next couple of months, lemme know, cos we can do some currency exchange at a rate that’ll benefit both of us…

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