Baby It's Cold Inside…

Oh bollocks, the central heating’s broken. Woke up yesterday morning feeling particularly cold, and realised none of the radiators were on. Looked like the boiler was off too, so thought it had died, but switched on hot water, and it sprang to life. So looks like it’s somewhere between the thermostat and the boiler that’s not working. as even when the thermostat is turned up and the central heating is on, it’s not triggering the boiler…

Typically, our plumber doesn’t seem to be contactable, which is a pain in the arse. So we’re heating the whole house with two ancient three-bar electric heaters, which we’re not leaving unattended due to them being so old and therefor an unknown quantity.

At least they are keeping my office warm so I can still teach without freezing my students!

Recommendations for an honest cheap plumber in north london gratefully received.

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