Happy blandness, everyone!

What’s with this ‘happy holidays’ nonsense? Who decided that to wish a jewish person happy christmas was offensive, or to send a Hanukkah card to a protestant was somehow taboo?

Please, if you don’t celebrate christmas, feel free to wish me a happy Eid/Diwali/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Winter solstice. Whatever, I really don’t mind, just please do whatever you do with some conviction! To suggest that it’s offensive to mention one festival to the practitioner of another is tacet fundamentalism, because it suggests that we should be offended, it says that it’s OK to be offended by Christmas. That’s balls, clearly.

Celebrate life and love and winter and new birth and forgiveness and light and all those other lovely things that are flagged up in the many distinct festivals that happen around this time of year, and invite others to celebrate them with you. Diversity is a wonderful thing, it really is.

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