Britain – fighting valiantly against totalitarian states

So, we invaded Iraq because Saddam was an evil dictator, who tortured people and took away the freedoms of the people of Iraq. We’re told the terrorists ‘hate our freedoms’ or whatever bollocks excuse it is this week.

And then this – Maya Evans was arrested and received a criminal conviction for standing outside Downing Street and reading aloud the names of the 97 British soldiers who have died in the Iraq conflict. Yup, it’s now an offense to remind the government of who their policies have killed. I wonder what would have happened if she’d started reading the names of Iraqi civilians killed – perhaps the fact that she knew their names would single her out as a terrorist sympathiser and she’d have been shot. It’s quite clear that the government don’t know anything about the numbers of civilians killed, and nor do they show any signs of caring.

The law under which Maya was convicted is Section 132 of Blair’s shiny new ‘Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005’ – which prohibits any kind of protest within one mile of westminster.

OK, so we used to be a democracy. Surely in a democratic country, the right to dissent has to be upheld above just about anything else. The right to voice your protest at the behaviour of your ELECTED officials. Now, it’s illegal to stand out side parliment and say you disagree with the decisions being made inside.

On BBC radio London this morning, a guy from the people’s picnic – a weekly protest in parliament square told the story of a guy arrested for eating a cake with ‘freedom of speech’ written on it – this was an act of protest within one mile of westminster, and he was thus nicked. It was thrown out of court, but he still has a criminal record and DNA/photos/scary stuff was recorded.

This is insane, peoples. How the hell did we end up in this mess? How can the government seriously be considering whether evidence gathered under torture is admissable in court here when we claim to have invaded iraq over saddam’s use of torture!!! How can we be pretending to oppose totalitarian regimes when we arrest people for eating seditious food stuffs near Westminster.

We’re screwed. again.

but for now, Maya Evans, I salute you.

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