When blogging changes your world.

I read loads of blogs.

From the blogs I read, I discover other blogs.

Some of them are just silly and hilarious (like this one, sent to me via BDB’s blog).

Others show the world-changing potential of blogs. Not ‘world-changing’ in the sense of ending the conflict in the middle east, or convincing the world to stop ignoring the hurricane devastation in central america, but world-changing in the sense that you see the world differently after reading them. They remind of what the world is really like, both good and bad, and take you out of your own concerns into a world where things are very different.

One such blog is All About Ali – the story of a woman’s battle with stomach cancer. This one I picked up from Pip Wilson’s blog – Pip has a fantastically benign form of tourettes, which makes him reiterate how lovely the world is on an almost hourly basis. He posts lots of pictures of lovely people, and the occasional inspirational link. And if you ever need to be told that you’re lovely and valued and special and a ‘beautiful human person’, Pip’s blog is the place to go.

Anyway, All About Ali is a deeply deeply moving blog. I recognise Ali and her hubby from Greenbelt. I’m sure I’ve spoken to her hubby on more than one occasion. We’ve certainly got quite a few fairly close friends in common. The blog is a beautiful and heartbreaking read, but gives you much faith in people. Have a read, and say a prayer for her. If the power of positive thinking, prayer, great friends and regular glasses of champagne count for anything, she’ll beat it no problem.

And now I really ought to do some work, having spent the last hour and a half reading blogs!

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