up too late

shit, tomorrow is Bass Day in Manchester, so Trip and I are having to set off at about 6.30 in the morning to get there, and it’s now midnight and I’m still up – not my finest idea.

Another trip to the vets today with the ginge – ever improving, he’s now on low dose chemo to make sure the lump doesn’t come back. He’s eating more now, and seems in very good shape!

other things to blog about, but no time now, must sleep.

SoundtrackDavid Torn, ‘Tripping Over God’.

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  1. The tiredness didn’t seem to affect your performance! An excellent day, you were easily my second “favorite” artist, although favorite shouldn’t come into it, it’s art and everything had it’s own strength and weaknesses. I am in love with John Lesters music, he’s incredible. I also won the prize draw thing, so that’s quite good. I can bop out on a cheapo fretless!

    See you soon up here, I hope, maybe at a uni masterclass!!

    Cheers Steve,


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